I hope that many of you know that mass media can’t be relied upon to actually report things that are NEWS. They’d rather keep you distracted with irrelevant bullshit such as the latest on the scandal involving Penn Statefootball coach, Jerry Sandusky on child sexual abuse charges and the shortest celebrity marriages in history.

Back on March 24, 2012, the progressive news site Activist Post published a report on the backroom deal that President Obama made with the largest telecommunications companies, Internet Service Providers, cable/satellite television providers, corporations that own the publishing rights to recorded music, and Hollywood movie studios in the United States. The article was entitled “10 Reasons Why Nothing You Do On The Internet Will Ever Be Private Again”.

I’ll save you having to read the entire article by just pointing your attention to reason #9. Stop mental masturbation for a few moments and PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY.

#9 Your ISP Is Watching You
Most Americans have not even heard about this yet, but the truth is that starting later on this year your ISP will be spying on you to make sure that you are not downloading any copyrighted material.

SOPA and PIPA may have failed for now, but the Obama administration has brokered a deal between the entertainment industry and the major Internet providers that is absolutely unprecedented.  This deal will go into effect on July 12th.  The following is from a recent Raw Story article….

 If you download potentially copyrighted software, videos or music, your Internet service provider (ISP) has been watching, and they’re coming for you.

 Specifically, they’re coming for you on Thursday, July 12.

 That’s the date when the nation’s largest ISPs will all voluntarily implement a new anti-piracy plan that will engage network operators in the largest digital spying scheme in history, and see some users’ bandwidth completely cut off until they sign an agreement saying they will not download copyrighted materials.

 Word of the start date has been largely kept secret since ISPs announced their plans last June. The deal was brokered by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), and coordinated by the Obama Administration.

 So be careful what you download on the Internet.

Your ISP will be watching.

Got it? July 9th (which means to stop downloading stuff by bit torrent on or by July 8th). Enough said?

Word to the wise.

Here is another article  talking about it. 

Klingt ein wenig nach Post-SOPA, Post-PIPA - aber ganz stark nach Pre-ACTA.

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Whistleblowing Wednesday: FBI Is Meeting With Facebook, Skype, etc. To Include A Backdoor For Surveillance

The FBI has been lobbying top internet companies like Yahoo and Google to support a proposal that would force them to provide backdoors for government surveillance, according to CNET.

The Bureau has been quietly meeting with representatives of these companies, as well as Microsoft (which owns Hotmail and Skype), Facebook and others to argue for a legislative proposal, drafted by the FBI, that would require social-networking sites and VoIP, instant messaging and e-mail providers to alter their code to make their products wiretap-friendly.

The FBI has previously complained to Congress about the so-called “Going Dark” problem – the difficulty of doing effective wiretap surveillance as more communications have moved from traditional telephone services to internet service companies.

Under the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act, or CALEA, passed in 1994, telecommunications providers are required to make their systems wiretap-friendly. The Federal Communications Commission extended CALEA in 2004 to apply to broadband providers like ISPs and colleges, but web companies are not covered by the law.

CNET reports that in addition to this push from the FBI, the Federal Communications Commission may be looking at reinterpreting CALEA to demand that video and non-telephone-replacement VoIP products such as Skype and Xbox Live be modified to include backdoors that allow FBI surveillance.

The news comes on the heels of another FBI plan that began kicking around in 2010 that would require backdoors in encrypted communication systems. That proposal, which would revisit the encryption wars of the 1990s, has failed to gather administration backing.


Ähnliches wird auch in Europa versucht. Auch ACTA ist ein Versuch in diese Richtung. Auch ist CISPA ein Schritt zur Totalüberwachung.

Oder werden wir schon überwacht?

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Wie man ja heute in den Medien mitbekommen hat, wurden in den letzten 3 Tagen einige (ca. 100) Adressen der Unterstützer (Autoren, Künstler etc.) der “Wir sind die Urheber” Kampagne von Anonymous auf pastebin.com veröffentlicht.

Kampagne: www.wir-sind-die-urheber.de

Mehrere Aktivisten…


Hier habt ihr bisher alle erfassten Events der Städte in Deutschland für die anstehenden ACTA Demonstrationen. Wie auch das letzte Mal, könnt ihr uns weitere Links zu FB events oder Pads via Tumblr oder Twitter schicken (www.twitter.com/AnonNewsDE), wir werden die Links für euch hier…

Why ‘Slacktivists’ Are More Active Than You Think [INFOGRAPHIC]
From SOPA to Trayvon Martin, KONY 2012 to the ‘Bully’ movie, causes are all the rage in the social space this year. Yet many people would argue that social media campaigns lack the action component of live activism — dubbing those who sign up for them “slacktivists.” Sortable created this …

“You bring em over, set em up and we’ll kick em down.”
— von Final Exit aus dem Song Roles and Rules, Album Umeå

Mein Erlebnis von Gestern.

Gestern hatte ich ein unglaubliches Erlebnis, mit dem ich nicht gerechnet habe.

Sabrina und ich haben uns dazu durchgerungen, mal den Tatort Taraxacum auszuprobieren. Ist ein Buchladen mit kombiniertem Café/Restaurant in Leer Ostfriesland.

Wir also am Wein trinken und essen. Dann geht die Tür auf und zwei Junge Männer mit Guy Fawkes-Masken kommen herein und legen Flyer aus. Das erste, was ich dachte:”Anonymous?”

Leider habe ich erst beim Verlassen auf die Flyer geschaut. Und es waren Anti-Acta-Flyer. Und das im beschaulichen Leer oÔ

Dann einen Flyer genommen und den anderen Gästen vorgelegt. Hoffentlich haben sie es gelesen und auch verstanden =)

Ein neues globales Abkommen, ACTA, könnte Konzernen erlauben, alles, was wir im Internet tun, zu überwachen. Letzte Woche drängten wir erfolgreich die Zensurgesetze in den USA zurück - wenn wir jetzt handeln können wir das EU-Parlament dazu bringen, diese Gefahr zu begraben - mach mit!